BSA’s newest president is part of the young generation

This year, the Bearing Specialist Association held their conference in Scottsdale Arizona at the Fairmont Resort from May 3rd to May 6th. The theme this year, Legacy of Excellence… Shaping the Future, was meant to celebrate their success in bringing together the world’s leading distributors and manufacturers, thus creating exceptional networking opportunities for shaping the industry’s future.

Brian Negri, of Jamaica Bearings Company Inc., will begin his term as the association’s newest President on July 1st, 2014. He is also part of BSA’s young generation (under 40) crew. Every year, BSA organizes a meet and greet giving them the chance to share ideas with their peers in the bearing industry. BSA recognizes that this group is the future of this industry and that their observations will keep this association going for years to come. The young generation meeting always bring different mindsets, this is why the association encourages these members to be apart of their future committees.

Everyone seemed very satisfied with this years event location, sessions and planned activities. Frank Mascia, managing director for Timken Canada, said that “BSA is considered one of the first class associations for Timken, creating solid relationships and business opportunities.” Mascia also states “The programming of speakers and industry updates keep us informed on growth trends and offers relevant information for our fast changing industry and company.”

This years program included “industry trends and growth”, presented by Dr. Barry Lawrence, offering new business models for smaller distributors, helping them effectively compete with their larger competitors. Another speaker, Courtney Killion, discussed how the industry was evolving and that some focus should change to where new markets are maturing. And last but not least, Dr. Jeff Dyer got everyone thinking of new ideas by combining two or more great products to create groundbreaking innovations, thus becoming great problem solvers.

BSA welcomed 106 distributors and 150 manufacturers (including spouses) at this year’s convention. Next years’ annual convention will take place at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia, Florida.

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