A great turn out for the Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS)

The 2014 MMTS, a leading manufacturing event, opened its doors from May 12 to the 14th at Place Bonaventure in Montreal Quebec. This manufacturing technology show created an environment which provided professionals and peers in the metalworking technology field an opportunity to connect face-to-face and discover new innovations. This three-day event welcomed in attendance over 4500 registered guests, giving them an opportunity to visit more than 150 showcased supplier exhibits.

MMTS specializes in machine tools, tooling, metalworking, additive manufacturing, automation and design, and physical asset management solutions for professionals looking to adapt new technologies and keep up to date in today’s fast changing world. The show also featured some technical sessions on CO2 and fiber laser, the use of 3-D printing for minimal viable product creation, aerospace applications, welding “how it can help the industry” and how to cope with advanced manufacturing processes. Other additions to the show included a resource center for additive manufacturing and 3-D printing. Registered guests also had a chance at meeting one of NHL’s hockey hall of famed Montréal Canadiens, Guy Lafleur, at the Independent job shop night.

The next Montréal’s manufacturing technology show event will take place in 2016. For more information please visit

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